Sikkim the ultimate Vacation spot for you

15622123_1132721796796106_1502949454165466931_nIn vacations everyone loves to enjoy the place that they never have been too. In every vacation in fact before every vacation the one question popping in the heads of most of the people is that “where to go this time?” well! After reading this the question will get the definite answer. Coming to the best vacation place in country, Sikkim is the one place that has a lot of different things to offer to its visitors along with the remarkable and unforgettable memories. The rejuvenating experience that this place, Sikkim has to offer is really remarkable. The outstanding site seeing worth views and the blend of greenery with remarkable valleys is mind blowing.

The best Sikkim Tour Packages that have been planned and executed a number of times by the best tour and travel companies are astonishing. The extremely well planned tour package for Sikkim is must, to see all the most prominent worthy places in Sikkim.

There are many places in Sikkim that are includes in must visit places in Sikkim and is includes in most of the Sikkim Tour Packages and these places include: Gangtok: The place situated in the state Sikkim is the capital of Peeling that is also famous for its beautifying natural glamour. Being the cosmopolitan Town it attracts almost all the tourists around. There are many tourist attractions there that includes Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir, Nathula Pass etc. another place in Sikkim that is worth seeing is the Pelling hat lies with the Mt. Khangchendzonga and is famous as the Hallmark Land of Eastern Himalaya. There are many interesting places to see in Peeling like: Pemayangtse Monestry etc. these are just two places there are number of places in Sikkim that is worth seeing and are included in most of the Sikkim Tour Packages.

With our exclusively strategized and planned variety of Sikkim Tour Packages anyone can easily afford the trip to the divine place Sikkim to cherish and enjoy the dip in the natural beauty. There are number of packages with different deals and time durations that are made keeping the note that everyone can make their trip entertaining and pocket friendly. There are many packages that suits individual, group of friends, students, honeymoon couples etc. with us.

Included in our perfectly planned Sikkim Tour Packages are the facilities like staying in exclusive well maintained and top Hotels in state and best quality food and transport, to ensure the comfort of all the tourists. The best part of travelling with us besides the comfort is the best managed tour with availability of all the basic needs. We have become the part of this industry for helping all of the travellers to Sikkim remember the tor for life and always in a good way. We love to be the part of people’s good memory and help in creating them as well.


Explore the Scenic Beauty of Sikkim; you will be amazed to have witnessed that extent

15135807_1108276982573921_9115435501500299674_nTravelling soothes our soul from within and gets us immense joy and pleasure. The enchanting and mesmerizing beauty of nature keep us engrossed in it and we feel rejuvenated and rejoiced after exploring a beautiful place. Sikkim is one such place that has spectacular natural beauty where God has showered his real blessings to make the place a real paradise.

Many packages are provided by many companies to explore the nature’s love and to explore Sikkim. Gangtok is one such beautiful place that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime as it will soothe you eyes as well as soul. The beautiful mountains, the bounty nature is no less than a dream come true. Many foreign tourists also come to visit this beautiful place. The packages are of various kinds depending upon where all you want to visit and how many days you have marked in your calendar to explore the beautiful place. The packages also include trips to Darjeeling which is again travelled by many visitors because of the beautiful Himalayan and cute Toy Train it has. Get the best Sikkim Tour Packages and try to fit in to enjoy the serenity of simplicity.

You can also create your customized tour package any way you like so that you can visit the place as per your priorities. Your travel itinerary may cover some other places that the package may not have, so you can yourself customize your travel and explore it the way you feel. You will definitely get the feeling of “How this could be missed out?” Foreign tours are secondary; search the jewels of your own country first.

You can look for the available options you have in your package and choose the one that is best suited for you. The trip to Sikkim is surely going to be a lifetime experience and one of the most popular in India. After all, who doesn’t love nature, we all do! We are not just meant to love; we should add some value to our living. The Sabbatical is a must after a long time you have worked, after all everyone needs to be relaxed. So, hurry up. Pack your bags, mark the Calendar and do the bookings to explore the Paradise in India, the beautiful Sikkim and make the best investment of the time.

Enjoy exclusive North Sikkim Tours Packages with divine pool of nature

14702464_1077083475693272_1426772251340947327_nThe best beauty in the world is not to see what humans have created but, honestly the eternal beauty of Nature created by the almighty God is ultimate collection of the Colours and perfect blend of the territories. Among one of the most Beautiful Tourist Spots in India, Sikkim is considered as the divine station that attracts the tourist towards itself by its simplicity and natural attire. The hills and natural flora has given it, its beauty for admiration. Being one of the Tourist Spots there are many attractive places to see like Darjeeling, Pelling and Gangtok. To avoid the mess of travelling that people think we have developed a certain interest in making people enjoy their tour without taking any tension. The perfectly planned Ganagtok, Pelling and Darjeeling Tour plan we have, will extremely amaze you. The beautiful Site seeing and amazing Hotel to stay in will definitely act as a magnet for you to visit again and again and that too with us as your guide.

The perfect description of the North Sikkim is not yet found as the beauty is so untouched by the urbanization the place has gracefully rejoiced its extreme natural beauty. Be ready to dip yourself in to the divine pool of nature with our amazing and mind-blowing North Sikkim Tour Packages. The package is planned keeping in mind the satisfaction and enjoyment of the tourists. You are provided the stay in the remarkable hotels of Sikkim and a planned vacation by us at the affordable price. The North Sikkim Tour Packages are made for the comfort of the tourists. The Ganagtok, Pelling and Darjeeling Tour will cover the road trip that will provide your eyes the views that you will remember for life and along with the amazing site seeing we, also help organizing the stay and awesome personal experiences with the Top places like Gangtok, Peeling and beautiful Darjeeling. The greenery, the hills, the lakes and the beauty will amaze you here. Sikkim is the one place where you can feel the creation of God and bless yourself to see what and how nature can flood joy among people. Amazing native culture and people of Sikkim will astonish you throughout the journey.

We Focus on creating Memories not Tours, We focus on helping you relax, we focus on making you breathe freely from your hectic routine and we focus on cherishing your Joy. Nothing comes for free but, with us you will feel free with a little amount of money. So! Get ready and move it!

Enjoy a Refreshing Tour with North Sikkim Tours Package

yumthungSikkim is a great place where you can enjoy a soothing vacation. It is really a great matter of joy that here you will get snow draped mountains, valleys with beautiful sights lush green orchids, flowers and exclusive rhododendrons. Apart from all these, you will get waterfalls, lakes, tea estate and lots of other visiting detonations. Here, you are to visit with vacation of at least a week’s leave. So, if you want to enjoy nature being too close, you must choose the best North Sikkim Tours Package. The enjoyment of holiday in north Sikkim is really amazing and thrilling.

Plan your vacations

According to your vacation, you can arrange for your tour itinerary. There are so many things to see and so many things to enjoy here that you cannot imagine. This is a foot hill of Himalayan mountain and you have the opportunity to do different activities like trekking, sledging, etc. If you have enough time at hand, you can also choose a combined tour to Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour. This will also bring an ecstatic joy in mind when the change or joy will be felt with the change of geographical change of landscape and sceneries.

The need of getting refreshed

You must have so many burdens in the office or in your personalized business. The lady love of you also has huge pressure all day long each day to get bored. The women who have to get engaged in household works, need to be refreshed at least once in a year. Then, you should plan for a long vacation to a place where you will get solace enjoyment in the lap of nature. On the other hand, if the location is cool, the joy of merriment will be astonishing. For this reason, you can choose the best North Sikkim Tours Package. Through, you can make a tour to all round the year; October to March is the perfect season for making a pleasant trip. In off-seasons, your plans need to be slight flexible, and this entirely depends on your tour operators.

Gangtok tourism

From anywhere in the world, you have to reach at Bagdogra Airport and then to Gangtok. You will get assisted with the Sikkim tourism Help desk to get everything you want as assistance related to Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour. But, if you select the best tour operator, all your related assistance like hotel booking food facility, travelling guide, everything will be managed by them.

It is to mention that to make your journey enjoyable in Sikkim; you should better travel during the day. One more thing you have to keep in mind that while heading to Gangtok, you should site left side of the vehicle to enjoy most of the natural sceneries.

Enjoy Sikkim Tour Packages with the Best Tour Operators

joy-ridePeople of the world are so much addicted to travelling for shedding off the exhaustion of the entire year. Everybody in this world is confined in their routine works whether it is in his personal business, corporate office or in government sectors. Everybody likes to go for an outing in the place where he can enjoy what his mind wants. He wants to forget all the burdens and red eyes of the boss for a few days. If you have already visited various locations in India and other worlds, you can now visit the most enjoying Sikkim tour packages. The nature is so close to you to enjoy the Himalayan foothills.

The person who wants to enjoy the natural ambiance in the foothills of Himalaya, Sikkim is the ideal place for them. You will enjoy the cool hilly atmosphere and the great look of the mountain at your close distance. You can enjoy various kinds of mountain activities, trekking and so on. This is the place where, people of different religion, cast and creed coexist with their individual tradition. Understanding the needs of the travelers, different tour operators design their tour packages which are beneficial for you and meet the need of your travelling desire. Let’s visit Sikkim this time.

Enjoyable Sikkim Tours

Sikkim is the topmost travel destination in India. It is also renowned for its political stability and so, the visitors visit the location so much. Sikkim tourism is well-known for ages and gradually they are getting improved. The landlocked state blessed with some of the most spectacular landscapes. The variety of flora and fauna also make the place stunning and enjoying. There are lots of discerning travelers who enjoy visiting Sikkim and Gangtok for its immense beauty at the pedestal of Himalaya. Local visitors as well as foreigners enjoy visiting Gangtok, Phodong, Rumtek, Pemayangtse and the Yuksom, etc. The lovers of trekking also love the location very much. There are numerous lakes here and lots of monasteries have made the hill station more live and vivid. To enjoy and revitalize you, Sikkim is the perfect location.

Make a trip to Gangtok

Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim and the most stunning location where you can enjoy nature at its best. Here you will get the Shivalik Hills; the h eight of the pick is 1437m. The largest number of monasteries is present in Gangtok. Sikkim tour packages are incomplete without visiting Gangtok.

Sikkim Darjeeling Tours

Darjeeling is the most impressive city in west Bengal. You can easily plan for a trip from Darjeeling to Sikkim or Gangtok. Or else, you can visit from Sikkim to Darjeeling. You have to plan previously with the best tour operators. The combined Sikkim Darjeeling tours are really very impressive that adds memory to your reminiscence.

Why North Sikkim Tours Package Is Unique For You

67331India is a land of diverse natural beauty. The beauty of nature has enriched India- from south to north and from the west to east. Along with the beauty of nature and its all kinds of flora and fauna, you will enjoy various kinds of birds and animals. India is a land of all sorts of natural beauties. You will get sea shores at your close distance and the forests of beautiful flora and fauna at a shorter distance. But, the person who is want to visit the coolest region at the Himalayan foothills, he can also enjoy that. If you want to enjoy your holiday in such a location, you can choose North Sikkim tours package.

North Sikkim is a place where you will be graced with the Himalayan flavor of all kinds. The distant view of the Himalayan sights and scenes, the lush green vegetation, etc. is the source of entertainment, the source of refreshment of your mind. So, North Sikkim tours package might be your dream destination for enjoying nature to the lease. Here some places are mentioned that can keep you in a jovial company.

  • Lachung

  • Yumthang Valley

  • Chopta Valley

  • Lachen Chungthang

  • Seven Sisters Waterfalls

  • Thangu

  • Mangan

  • Gurudongmar Lake

  • Green Lake

  • Trek Tosar Lake Trek

  • Singhik, etc

If you look simply at the Latchung Village, you will be amazed. This is a beautiful village that is located in the banks of Lachung River. The lovers of nature are always praise the place for its natural beauties. The village is quiet, serene and the Mountain View from the location is really magnificent. The word Lachung locally means “Small Pass” which indicates that you are close to the border of other country, Tibet. Here you will also get a sanctuary which is a must see to all the visitors. The village has rich cultural heritage.

Why are you waiting? Contact the best travel operator and enjoy a great North Sikkim tours package.

Enjoy Amazing Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling Tour

darjeelingThe people who love to travel in the hilly and cool regions, Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour is perfect for them. The entire India along with the foreign travelers are also willing to visit all the three amazing places for their sober beauty and coolest temperature. Travelling becomes more amazing when you feel cool and refreshed naturally. Here you will get the views of the hills and high lands, tea gardens, and lush green forests.

Gangtok- the best place of interest

The location is highly noted for the temples and traditional culture. Here you will visit a lot of Buddhist temples and strong Buddhist presence in the minds of men. You will enjoy the most stunning beauties of Mt.Khanchendzonga, orchid nurseries, and enjoy great shopping from the nearby stalls. You can visit Tsongo Lake which is forty km distant from the proper Gangtok. Here you will enjoy exclusive Brahminy Ducks. If you wait for some time, you will watch more migratory birds here.

Sightseeing at Gangtok

In your Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour, you can enjoy most authentic sightseeing tour at Gangtok. You will enjoy-

  • The Bakthang Falls

  • Enchey Monastry

  • Do-Dul Chorten

  • Flower show and the shows of cottage industry

  • Visit Institute of Tibetology (World’s largest treasury of precious old Tibetan books and manuscripts on Buddhism and the same religion).

Pelling Sightseeing

The sightseeing tour includes the visit to Rimbi Falls, sacred Khecheopalri Lake, Darap Village, Kanchenjunga falls, and much more. The Khecheopalri Lake is also known as the fulfilling lake to the local people.

Darjeeling tour

If you want to make a combined tour to Darjeeling, you can. The Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour operators will arrange everything for you. Enjoy the amazing view of Kanchanjangha from Darjeeling. The refreshing weather and lush green forests along with tea gardens will surely make you pleased.

Choose Sikkim Darjeeling Tours Packages for an Enjoyable Holiday

temi_tea_garden-abhijit_kar_gupta-jpgDarjeeling and Sikkim are two most popular tourist spot for all the people of West Bengal as well as to the entire country. The snow draped mountain peaks, the cool atmosphere and the refreshing weather is always enjoyable to the people of all ages groups. The green covered mountain slopes, sprawling tea estates are really enjoying. However, Sikkim and Darjeeling are not in the same state. Darjeeling is located in West Bengal and Sikkim is itself a state in the north east region of India. Sikkim Darjeeling tours are really enjoyable for the lovers of mountain trekkers and enjoying the beauty of hilly regions.

Enjoy Darjeeling tours

Darjeeling is a most wonderful hill station in West Bengal and located in the pedestal of beautiful Kanchanjungha of Himalayan Mountain. It is not of West Bengal’s wonder destination, but also the attraction and holiday resorts of the entire country. When people get a little bit opportunity in the distressed working life, they make a tour to Himalayan foothills like Darjeeling. You can make Sikkim Darjeeling tours if you have enough time at hand.

Darjeeling is a paradise on the earth. This a great place for the new married honeymoon makers. The vibrant hills, lush green valleys, amazing tea estates, misty Himalayan shrubs and flowers are really enjoyable for the nature lovers. You can enjoy the amazing toy trains exclusively here. You will get the followings in Darjeeling –

  • Darjeeling Museum

  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

  • beautiful tea estates of Happy Valley

  • Batasia Loop

  • Botanical Garden

  • Zoological Garden

  • Ropeway

  • Ganga Maya Park

  • Rock Garden

  • Toy Train (Himalaya Mountain Railways), etc

Sikkim tours

Enjoy a Sikkim tour packages to feel the ecstasy of the majesty and scenic Himalayas. Sikkim also provides the great tourism with marvelous holiday packages. The exciting hilly region is also smiling to adorn you with lovely lakes and natural landscapes.

Enjoy Great Sikkim Tour Packages for a Short Holiday

100p26034332552aab639043dfSikkim is one of the gems of North East India. This is really a marvelous destination to visit in India. You can start from Darjeeling and then Sikkim. If you want to travel the entire sights and scenes of Darjeeling and Sikkim, you can consider the package of Sikkim Darjeeling torus. Cloaked with unmatched natural beauty and bounty, this has become the great “wonderland of the Himalayas”. It is always remarkable for its itineraries and happy tourism inclined with a host of natural beauties overwhelmed with beautiful flowers and fruits. This has become the most attractive tourist spot and a perfect destination for trekking and mountaineering.

The most impressive visiting places in Sikkim are-

  • Gangtok

  • Pelling

  • Lachung

  • Ramchi

  • Ravangla

  • Aritar

  • Kaluk

  • Yuksom

  • Yumthang valley, etc.

The astonishing beauty of Himalayas and its wild environment, visiting and trekking destinations, etc. have made the tourist destination overwhelmed with tourists. Sikkim tour packages are so much demanded today for this reason. Around 36% area of the state is covered with beautiful forest of flowers, fruits and shrubs along with beautiful orchids. Great sorts of Himalayan birds are and migratory birds are noticed here, which is also a great matter of tourist attractions.

If you visit the tea gardens in Sikkim, you will enjoy great refreshment in mind. The strolling through the garden will make you refreshed and rejuvenated your entire heart and mind. The experience of tea garden roaming is really a great achievement in this area. So, there is nothing to wait for choosing the best Sikkim tour packages for you or your entire family. The renowned Temi Tea Garden of the area covers around 435 acres of land and offers an arresting view of the great scenic beauty. So, select your package and enjoy the tour.

Enjoy a Great Sikkim Darjeeling Tours Package

12509759_892264307508524_1291556759637099053_nIf you are a resident of west Bengal or adjacent state, it is a great shame for them if they do not at least make Sikkim tour packages to enjoy a short holiday. The reason is that the visitors of different parts of India and foreign countries take pleasure in visiting the place. The entire Sikkim is full of beauty and bounty. The Himalaya is nicely visible here and by the grace of Himalaya, you will get a coolest atmosphere to enjoy your holiday even in a summer season. However, at the beginning or middle of the winter season, you can enjoy snowfall and frost in different locations like Pelling, Ravangla, etc.

The tour to Sikkim is notable for the following reasons

  • The atmosphere is cool

  • You can enjoy the entire beauty without haste and no sweat

  • You can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna

  • Different kinds of Himalayan flower, trees, shrubs and fruits will be noticed

  • Different kinds of birds and animals have decorated the entire region

  • The rising of the sun over the mountainous region through the mist is really enjoyable

  • If you want to make a trip to north Sikkim tour, you will get different tour packages among them North Sikkim Tours Package is mentionable for the inclusion of innumerable visiting locations.

When you will choose a great Sikkim Darjeeling Tours package, you will get additional visit to Darjeeling located in West Bengal. This will be a really great, for one more bio diversity will get noticed by you and enjoyed. When you enter Sikkim, you will get Gangtok, Pelling, Lachung, Ravangla, Namchi, Yumthung Valey, etc.

People take a visit to different foreign countries spending a huge amount for their package and enjoy a certain serene beauty but, if they miss these places living in India, this will be a great loss of life for missing the innumerable beauty of the location.