Enjoy and relax in the arms of nature with our Sikkim Tour plans

2Situated in the north-east side of India and on the borders of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, Sikkim is the beautiful part of the Himalayas with the perfectly balanced blend of India’s Highest Mountains, Glaciers, Alpine Meadows and wildflowers. Indulged in Buddhist culture the tourist can clearly enjoy the rejoicing attributed of the culture. If you are planning a Sikkim Tour then this is definitely going to change your life.

Sikkim is the place that has a perfect get away effect on everyone in their vacations and its rejuvenating environment is the foremost reason for tourists to get attracted to it. Counted among the best tourist places, Sikkim Tour will help you visualize the extraordinary creativeness of the almighty God. With the perfect blend of flora and fauna the place is having beautiful sites to offer to all its visitors. The beautiful place with the best valleys, mountains and culture to admire, Sikkim is considered one of the top tourist places.

Sikkim Tour will exclusively make people speechless with its beautiful tourist places like Darjeeling, Pelling and Gnagtok. Discover the best and rejuvenating experience of greenery with the pinch of urbanization along with indulging and extraordinary native culture of Sikkim. The places like Darjeeling that has beautifying Buddhist sites, Hiking opportunities and the amazing Gangtok ropeway adventures. The tour has just started, coming next are the amazing monasteries built up be he Buddhist’s in the cities like Pelling, Lachung and Ravangla.

If what you are planning is the Sikkim Tour then, you must not miss out the following places that include:

  • Monasteries: The amazing architectures and environment in the place like Sikkim has made the people visit there for several different reasons. Some visit Sikkim being the History and Culture Lover, some for adventure, some for change but, mostly the reason of people visiting there is for experiencing divinity and for meditation. So, if you are going to Sikkim do experience the essence of divinity by visiting to different monasteries.

  • Rumtek Monastery: located 24km from the capital city, Rumtek monastery was built in 1740 and is counted among the historical places there is amazing place to visit.

  • Baba Mandir: at the distance of 6Km from the indo-Bhutan border this place is a perfect place to visit to have the religious taste of the area.

The list of the places to visit is never ending but, once you visit us you will be provided with several different Sikkim Tour Plans that are made for everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty and explore the divinity. There are many customized plans for different occasions like: Vacation get away, student trips, honeymoon trip, group travellers etc. the best part is, with us you can find the exact perfect and your plan of travelling at reasonable price.


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