Explore The Splendid Beauty of North Sikkim Sprawled Across Remote Northern Region

EXOTIC-SIKKIM-EHR045-2Sikkim is known one of the smallest and beautiful states of the Indian territory. But Sikkim is clean with natural environment with pristine magnificent natural beauty that makes it one of the most praise worthy and wonderful places in the world. It is one of the places where thousands and thousands of people around the world come to enjoy with their family and friends. Sikkim is a land of paradise on earth with some of the tall mountains maintaining a benign vigil on the land. If you want to drink the beauty of Sikkim you can take North Sikkim Tours Package offered by many travel outfitters in India, one of the most trusted and affordable is SikkimTrip.com.

North Sikkim Covered with Sublimely Beautiful Valleys

You will have to see the nice Mount Kanchenjunga the third highest peak of the world stands as the presiding deity of the place. Sikkim is rich in bio-diversity. Each and every Sikkim travelers will get to see the unique landscape and culture of India’s long history, traditional and culture. The entire Sikkim is beautiful no doubt, but the Northern part of Sikkim is most beautiful which is covered with sublimely beautiful valleys of Yamthang as well as Tsopta one of the scantly visited places in the world, arrived thousands and thousands of tourists all around the world.

What You See in North Sikkim Tour

North Sikkim is frequently ravaged by many landslides as well as earthquakes. These high hills and mountains are tricky territory to travel if you wish to go to Sikkim. You can easily jump into a sturdy four wheel drive to hit the bumpy road to the paradise for that you are there. You need to adjust to the altitude, so spend at least a night in the quaint as well as scenic small village of Lachen. SikkimTrip.com arranges some of the most exciting tours in Sikkim, North Sikkim and Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling which will transport you and your family and often you like to be there with your friends to the magnificent world of hidden treasures of flora and fauna, and also stimulate you to some of the most amazing adventure treks as well as sports to let your adrenalin run high, high and high.

Sikkim is tranquillized to become the first state in the country to go totally organic in terms of production as well as consumption of food materials. Needless to talk about Sikkim is a place where you can detoxify, indulge in a healthy and nutritious vacation, and also eat your way to good health that you never before.

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Discover Amazing Sikkim With Wonderful Trip to Gangtok and Pelling

UN1581083Hailed as one of the most popular world’s last utopias by legendry Buddhist Guru Padmasamva, Sikkim is beyond doubt a loveliest places in India. You can travel with a reliable outfitter in India offers affordable Sikkim Tour Packages And the wide variety in such a small state: plunging rhododendron-clad mountain and valleys in the North-West Sikkim’s wonderful atmospheric Buddhist monasteries, Southern Sikkim’s monumental religious statues as well as friendly and cheerful urban community in the East. You will see the stunning views of Khanchenzonga, world’s 3rd highest mountain visible from all the viewpoints in the state. It is no wonder that this little former Himalayan Kingdom is like a haven for travelers all around the world.

Sikkim Tour Where Joy Never Ends

If you are looking for a trusted travel outfitter that can provide you affordable tour package for Sikkim – Gangtok – Pelling then Sikkim Trip can be your perfect choice. At Sikkim you will have strong preserve of Tibetan Buddhist culture, ritualistic vermilion, gold, blue and green that will surely make your striking photo-ops. You will have opportunities to enjoy local food, exotic Himalayan wildlife, wonderful landscapes as well as great hikes in mountains, also you will have superb mountain escape on the cards.

Uncover the Splendid Beauty of Sikkim

Sikkim is India’s all time favorite hill destination. Sikkim is surrounded by valleys and mountains. The state is one of the superb states in India filled with amazing flora and fauna. Sikkim’s mystical splendor includes rolling hills, valleys covered with lush, singing rivers, sky-high mountain passes, glacial lakes as well as dip inside true Lamaism. People who like to drink the beauty of nature will surely love it. The popular Sikkimese hills have what all others do; and do not. Attractive placid glacial lake, also called Changu, the higher than Ladakh town of Yamthang with its curative hot spring as well as heart-breaking beautiful Gurodongmar Lake, it is one of the most popular, wonderful and highest lakes in the world.

You have many destinations to visit when you travel to Sikkim. You can find many travel outfitters in India provide North Sikkim Tour Package as per your time and budget. You can join them with your family or friends if you like. One of the most trusted and affordable travel outfitters in India is Sikkim Trip offers a variety of Sikkim-Gangtok-Peeling-Darjeeling tour packages for individual and group needs. You can enjoy one of the loveliest places in India that will surely remain green in your memory.

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Discover The Queen of Hills of the East and The Unique Hill Station in India


The weather of Gangtok is quite same as Darjeeling, which follows similar trends throughout the year. Though you can see some differences in temperature very often, and also rainfall between the two places, but the overall weather normally change takes place in tandem in both Sikkim – Gangtok and Darjeeling. So you must say that a good season in Gangtok is no doubt a good season in Darjeeling. And it is one of the reasons for which the majority of tourists all around the world combine Sikkim Darjeeling Tours.

Observe the Elegant Natural Beauty of Sikkim – Darjeeling

Whether you are thinking to visit Gangtok during March and April, do not miss the opportunity to see the Cymbidium Orchid Show, one of the most popular shows in India, also a best flower show in the whole of South Asia. It is seen that most of the people visit from October to June. This period is the best period to visit this city. Winter in Gangtok is just awesome, matchless and superb. The weather is very clear this time, the sun doe not hurt you that much as well as the mountains view and valleys look magnificent. Normally the temperature in the month of December to February goes to an average low of about 4°C, but in summer from April to June you can observe an average maximum of 22°C.

Amazing Sikkim Darjeeling Tour

You can visit anytime you wish. You can see travelers around the world packed their bags for Gangtok Pelling Darjeeling tour throughout the year. You can visit during summer or winter you will have different things to see and enjoy. You can visit during monsoons, when the rivers and roads become impassable, because Sikkim is very much prone to land-slides, due to the reason people do not like to visit this time. The advantage is that during monsoon you can get rooms at cheaper rates. Once again in the month of August, the flowers blossom.

Uncover The Beauty of Gangtok and Darjeeling

Like Gangtok, Darjeeling is also a wonderful place to visit. You can see the snow-capped Himalayan peaks at the horizon, the overlooking natural green tea gardens as well as tiny waterfalls adore the terrain. Darjeeling is a place in India where you certainly see the most beautiful landscape. On the other hand, Gangtok is one of the most popular places situated in a unique hill stations in India that draws Buddhist pilgrims, tourists as well as honeymooners all around the world. It is sometimes visited for the purpose of its rich cultural fusion and tradition, for trekkers and adventurers.

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